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Paris honey

The one and only !

19,81 €

Iconic nectar, the Paris honey has won renown for its crystal-clear dress, its unctuosity, and its fresh taste.

Paris Creamy
Green Gentle
19,81 €


An emblem of the City of Light, Paris honey is a treat for the palate. Harvested near Longchamps, this nectar stands out due to the variety of flowers from which bees forage, thus creating an urban honey offering a myriad of flavors.

Unctuosity and freshness characterize this 100% Parisian honey, which leaves an aftertaste of deliciously green overtones. Its creaminess, associated with its delicate mint perfume, is the promise of a unique gustatory experience.

The blossoming periods are random, from mid-May to July. The harvest happens then, over July.

Paris honey, unique and extremely rare, is ideal for honey connoisseurs and the French capital’s enthusiasts. Put in the Maison Hédène’s iconic 250G jars, ornated for the occasion with a golden Eiffel tower, this prestigious honey represents a sought-after gift, perfect for any occasion.


Let yourself be carried away to the capital of the French haute cuisine through a Parisian breakfast signed by Hédène. Paris honey will enhance your hot beverages as well as brioches with its signature green overtones. To enjoy fully each aroma it offers, the polyfloral honey can be savored as is, with a spoon.

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