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Exception Pack

Exception Pack

Paris Honey 250g, Honey and Truffles 40g, Honey and Rose 125g





415 g


The Exception Pack is made up of three refined products, emblematic of the quality of Maison Hédène: the prestigious honey from Paris, as well as two preparations combining iconic acacia honey, sometimes black truffles, sometimes rose essential oil. Immerse yourself in a world of natural delights and explore the diverse nuances and subtleties that these exceptional honeys have to offer.


The Exception Pack allows you to benefit from a 10% discount on all of its products.


Paris Hédène honey, a true beekeeping gem, offers a unique taste experience. Harvested near Longchamps, this urban nectar is distinguished by its variety of foraged flowers, thus creating a honey with a thousand flavors, imbued with Parisian floral diversity. Its creamy, almost velvety texture is the result of the hard work of foraging bees. Combined with its delicate minty scent, it promises an unparalleled taste experience. Each pot of Paris Hédène honey is a symphony of aromas and perfumes, resonating with the diversity of flowers that dot the City of Lights.

Urban honey with a thousand flavors, Parisian nectar is ideal for honey lovers and lovers of the French capital. Its golden tincture and smooth texture make it a perfect addition to your hot drinks or toasts. Let yourself be enchanted by its fine aromas and herbal sweetness which evoke the magic of the Parisian streets.


Discover the delicate harmony between the richness of truffle and the natural sweetness of honey. Our Honey & Truffle, composed of our Hédène acacia honey and Tuber Melanosporum 3% black truffles, is a recipe as refined as it is delicious. This preparation is a symphony of complex aromas, where black truffle adds an earthy depth to the sweetness of the honey.

Appreciated by the most demanding palates, this culinary preparation is a true declaration of love for the know-how of French terroirs. It celebrates the nobility and finesse of these exceptional ingredients, while offering a taste experience that will delight lovers of refined delights.

This daring marriage creates an unforgettable taste experience, perfectly designed to enhance your finest dishes and enhance your gourmet tastings. Our Honey & Truffle is wonderful with mature cheeses, grilled meats, or even coated on toasted bread.


Our Honey & Rose combines the elegance of Hédène acacia honey with the captivating essence of rose essential oil. This sublime alliance is the quintessence of delicacy and nobility, creating a taste experience of rare elegance.

The delicate floral notes of rose intertwine harmoniously with the natural sweetness of honey, offering a symphony of floral flavors. The sensory experience is enhanced by a captivating fragrance, which envelops the senses in a soft, delicately pink color, evoking the rich history of perfumery.

Use Honey & Rose Hédène to flavor your pastries, infuse your teas or enhance your cocktails. Its unique refinement is introduced into your culinary creations, adding a touch of grace and originality to each bite or sip. Discover an unforgettable taste and smell experience, where rose and honey combine in a symphony of flavors.

Price/100g : 5,56€