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Signature Box
Signature Box
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Signature Box
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Signature Box

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Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of the Signature Box, a careful selection of three exceptional honeys from Hédène hives. Composed of lavender honey, acacia honey and linden honey, each pot reveals a unique taste experience, highlighting the richness of French terroirs and excellent beekeeping know-how.



Discover the Signature Box, a true symphony of flavors bringing together three exceptional honeys. Each pot tells a unique story, capturing the very essence of nature and celebrating the beekeeping art of Hédène. Offer this precious box or savor it in complete privacy, and let yourself be carried away by a taste experience that transcends everyday life. An elegant gift, an invitation to wonder, a celebration of the treasures of the hive.


Our Lavender Honey from the Luberon is much more than a simple taste delight. It is an authentic expression of nature and craftsmanship. Carefully harvested in the heart of the sunny fields of the Luberon, this honey embodies the very essence of Provence. This precious nectar bears witness to the deep relationship between the bee and the lavender that thrives in this emblematic region. Each pot of honey contains the richness of a unique ecosystem, lovingly preserved by our local beekeepers.

Beyond its amber color and its indissoluble link with lavender, our Luberon Lavender Honey is a tribute to the tradition and history of this region. Each spoonful transports you back to ancient times, where beekeeping was an art passed down from generation to generation.

By choosing our Luberon Lavender Honey, you also support the local economy and contribute to the sustainable development of this legendary region of France. Each pot is a declaration of love to the earth, the bee, and the lavender which make the Luberon a magical place. Explore the authenticity of the Luberon through our artisanal lavender honey!


Acacia Honey, produced by foraging bees from the nectar of acacia flowers, embodies the purity and delicacy of nature. Its golden tint and luminous appearance make it a sweet treasure that captures the sunlight in every drop. This honey, often considered one of the most precious, is a reflection of beekeeping finesse and the harmonious collaboration between bees and acacia flowers. With its natural sweetness, it stands out as a sweet gift of nature, to be appreciated in all its simplicity and authenticity.


Immerse yourself in the mystical universe of our Hédène Linden Honey, an invitation to explore the depths of the forest. This honey, harvested with passion in the heart of the woods, embodies the very scent of nature. Its genesis is a story woven by foraging bees, a true symphony between linden flowers and the tireless work of our winged friends.

 Its rich golden tone takes us back to ancient times, when forests were secret refuges for the wandering soul. When you taste this unique honey, you find yourself in the heart of this ancestral forest, with the rustling of leaves and the singing of birds as a backdrop.

Hédène Linden Honey is an ode to the simplicity of nature, to the harmony between man and his environment. It awakens in us a deep connection with the earth, a reminder of the wonders that nature can offer us if we respect it. This honey is much more than a sweet treat; it is a gateway to the wisdom of the forest, an experience that nourishes the soul as much as the body.


Discover three emblematic honeys from France through this box. The Hédène Signature Box is an invitation to an exceptional gourmet experience.

Start your day gently by adding a spoonful of Acacia Honey to your bowl of yogurt, for a touch of natural sweetness. Then let yourself be carried away by the intoxicating floral flavors of Lavender Honey by spreading it on a slice of buttered toast. For a gourmet break, dip a spoonful of Linden Honey into your cup of hot tea and let yourself be seduced by its delicate scent. Finally, don't underestimate the simplicity of spooning these honeys straight to your mouth for an instant explosion of authentic flavors. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a decadent experience with the Hédène Signature Box, a celebration of gourmandise and French beekeeping art.

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