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Hawthorn honey from Rhône-Alpes

Fruity and perfumed

13,18 €

Smooth and floral, Hédène’s hawthorn honey is an extremely rare french honey, whose fruity flavour will delight you.

Rhône-Alpes Creamy
Fruity Moderate
13,18 €


Hédène's hawthorn honey is a rare type o f honey, obtained from the white flowers of hawthorn, a shrub known for its difficult crop. This honey boasts very fruity and perfumed aromas, and is recognisable thanks to both its colour (either pale or amber) and its very creamy texture. Renowned for its sedatives virtues, it is a natural remedy against stress-related issues such as insomnia or digestive problems.

Harvested in the Rhône-Alpes area, in the natural regional park of Pilat, the difficulty to cultivate hawthorn is one of the main reasons why its honey is so craved and distinguished. The period during which this shrub flourishes is indeed very short, usually starting in March. The harsh climatic conditions of this period of the year tend to destroy most of the flowers, renowned for their unique smell.

But more than this distinctive perfume, Hédène’s hawthorn honey is also famed for its softness and its good length on the palate, both hardly paralleled, hence its reputation as an illustrious and subtle honey.


Its fruity aromas make this honey the perfect ingredient for a delightful breakfast. Spread on a slice of bread or on some brioche, it will give you the energy you need in the morning. And for the gourmets, it is even possible to enjoy it directly with a spoon !

Price /100G : 5.56€

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