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Rhododendron honey from Pyrénées

Floral and slightly lemony

13,18 €

The Hédène rhododendron honey from France, harvested in Pyrénées, is a rare honey with multiples properties that reveals sweet fruity and floral aromas in the mouth. Slightly lemony notes will appear at the end of tasting and will leave you in ecstasy. 

Pyrénées Creamy
Fruity Gentle
13,18 €


The rhododendron honey from France, harvested in Pyrénées, within the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrénées Ariègeoises, also called the mountain acacia, will seduce you from the moment you taste it. Its sweet fruity fragrance combined with a light rose taste will immediately take you away in absolute pleasure. To this much appreciated delicacy will be added subtle lemony notes that will enhance its flavour.

This unique honey, with its light colour and delicate smell, contains many trace elements essential to the body for its growth and functioning. Its numerous virtues make this honey a delicate pleasure as good ad beneficial.


With its creamy texture, rhododendron honey is the perfect ingredient to garnish toast or warm brioche. For breakfast or brunch, this nectar will bring softness and vitality. It can also be consumed with hot or cold drinks because of its slightly lemony notes.

Price/100g : 5,56€

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