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Clover honey from Perigord

Delicate and subtly flowery

13,18 €

The Hédène white clover honey, harvested in Périgord, offers a delicate flavor, enhanced by floral and subtly sour overtones, for a surprising gustatory experience.

Périgord Creamy
Delicate Gentle
13,18 €


The clover honey from France is a precious and delicious nectar. Coming from the flowers of white clovers, this honey seduces by its sweet taste and its divine flowery overtones. Like the alder buckthorn honey, it offers long-lasting aromas that will soften your day. In addition of this much appreciated sweetness, this honey provides a typical caramel aroma that will delight the greediest ones.
Because the French concentration of white clovers is decreasing, this nectar is increasingly prized for its scarcity and its marvelous flavor as well.

For a good morning, it is important to recharge batteries thanks to flavored breakfast. The white clover honey is the ideal ally for greedy mornings ; on bread toasts or slices of warm brioche, it brings smoothness and sweetness.

Price/100g : 5,56€

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