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Alfalfa honey from Ardennes

Sweet and discreetly fruited

13,18 €

The Hédène alfalfa honey, harvested in Ardennes, offers a delicate flavor sublimated by some discreetly fruited overtones, to enjoy a moment of pure sweetness.

Ardennes Creamy
Fruity Moderate
13,18 €


The alfalfa honey from France is a renowned for its incredible sweetness and its floral and enchanting fragrance. Harvested in Ardennes, in the natural regional reserve, it seduces by its smoothness which reveals discreetly fruited overtones at the very first bite.
This honey is equally appreciated for its taste and virtues, thanks to its sweet flavor and multiple benefits. 
This nectar is also full of vitamins and has a light and creamy robe. But unfortunately, this honey, formerly very common, is now increasingly rare because the alfalfa plant is often mowed before flowering in order to feed livestock.

Its unctuous texture is perfect for naturally sweeten your cold or hot beverages. Added to a smoothie, the alfalfa honey brings a hint of sweetness which deliciously intertwines to the fruits’ acidity. For the most skittish, it is ideal to melt in a tea or infusion to warm up.

Price/100g : 5,16€

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