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Organic spring honey from France

Sweet and fresh

9,38 €

Smooth and sweet, the organic spring honey is a honey from France characterized by a floral flavor which offers a delicate fresh feeling.

Vosges Creamy
Green Gentle
9,38 €


The organic spring honey from France is a multi-flower honey known for its smooth texture and its floral flavor. It offers a delicate fresh feeling that reminds spring mornings. This honey is also famous for being a good source of trace elements and consequently for having multiple benefits. Thus, it is the best ally to feel good during all day.
Harvested in the Vosges and certified organic, our spring honey is a product 100% natural, respectful from the French traditions and environmentally friendly. Its velvety texture combined to its sweet taste will delight all the palates, even the children ones.

The organic spring honey from France is the ideal product to bring sweetness to your teas, infusions or smoothies. It is also perfect with cereals or fresh fruits in order to enjoy a healthy morning full of vitamins.

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