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French bee pollen

100% natural cure

9,38 €

Hedene French bee pollen is a 100% natural beehive treasure.

Green Intense
9,38 €


Core product of the beehive, French pollen bee is harvested during the bee’s foraging.
Its range of colors comes from the diverse foraged flowers.
Naturally rich in proteins, pollen is essential in the bees’ alimentation as it is their unique proteins intake.

Naturally rich in proteins, Hédène French bee pollen is ideal to fight the cold weather.
Comforting during winter, it is no less tasty and will be gladly savored during breakfast.

To enjoy at most this beehive treasure, it is recommended to consume one to two teaspoons of Hédène French bee pollen every morning during breakfast.
For the most gourmets, Hédène French bee pollen is perfect with white cheese or a yogurt or even fresh fruits.

Nutritional values 100g: 
Energy: 1633kj/388kcal; Fat: 7g of which saturated fatty acids: 1.8g; Carbohydrates: 58g of which sugars: 37g; Proteins: 17g; Salt: 0.02g.

Price/100g: 17€

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