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Paris honey

The one and only!

9,38 €

Perfect symbol of French honey, Paris honey is a prestigious nectar that charms by its pure color, creamy texture and freshness. It is a real treat for the palate.

Paris Creamy
Green Moderate
9,38 €


Emblem of the capital of gastronomy, Hédène Paris honey is a pure wonder. Symbol of the urbane beekeeping, this nectar, harvested near Longchamp, reveals delicious green overtones and a fabulous freshness. It is the perfect gift for honey aficionados and Paris lovers.

Harvested in France, in the heart of the City of Lights, Paris honey is characterized par a distinctive and unique flavor for an unprecedented gustatory experience. This 100% Parisian nectar, clear and pure, is a thousand and one flavors pearl as the flowers variety, gathered by a multitude of bees, is huge.

The blossoming periods is random, from mid-May to July. The harvest happens then, over July. Predominantly linden during the last harvest, Paris honey has fresh overtones. 

On the occasion of a Parisian breakfast, let yourself be enchanted by the green flavors of Paris honey. Its smooth texture and green freshness perfectly match a hot beverage and flawlessly spread on a hot brioche. For the true gourmands, it can be savored raw with a spoon to enjoy as much as possible the flavors than come from it.

Price/100g: 24.75€

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