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Buckwheat honey from Loiret

Smooth and tasty

13,18 €

Hédène French buckwheat honey surprises by its smooth texture and its dark brown color with delicious café gourmand overtones.

Loiret Creamy
Woody Moderate
13,18 €


Hédène French buckwheat honey is a monofloral honey with a particularly smooth texture. It has a brown color and café gourmand overtones without any bitterness for a total gustatory pleasure. With its delicate aromas, buckwheat honey will be your ally for breakfast, in your coffee or in a spread of farmhouse bread.

Harvested in France in the heart of the forest of Orléans, Hédène buckwheat honey has a delicate flavor with undergrowth aromas. This honey of moderate intensity is long-lasting for an exceptional gustatory experience.

Blossoming is staggered between mid-June and the beginning of September. The harvest happens between the end of August and the beginning of September.

Café gourmand overtones of Hédène buckwheat honey make him the essential ingredient for breakfast. Ideal to sweeten your coffee or to flavor your yogurt, the creamy texture of the buckwheat honey will perfectly spread on a hot brioche or grilled farmhouse bread.

Price/100g: 5.16€

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