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Mountain honey & thyme essential oils

Unprecedent nectar

9,38 €

The mountain honey and thyme essential oils preparation combines the delicacy of mountain honey (from Auvergne) with the tasty overtones of thyme essence.

France Liquid
Scented Intense
9,38 €


The mountain honey and thyme essential oils preparation is a nectar with an intense taste. It associates French mountain honey’s aromas with the natural and strong fragrance of organic thyme essential oil.

Made up of 0.03% organic thyme essential oil, this preparation results from a unique recipe with 100% French ingredients. Thyme essence’s long-lasting aromas melt with mountain honey’s sweetness, for an amazing taste experience.

Based on two noble ingredients, the mountain honey and thyme essential oils preparation is a formidable ally during winter.
This preparation is best served raw with a spoon or in white yoghurt. For an effective honey therapy, it is recommended to consume one spoonful a day, during breakfast. 

Ingredients: French mountain honey 99.97%, organic thyme essential oils 0.3%. Nutritional values 100g:
Energy: 1272kj/304kcal; Fat: 0g of which saturated fatty acids: 0g; Carbohydrates: 82.4 of which sugars: 82.12g; Proteins: 0.3g; Salt: 0.01g.

Price/100g: 7.92€

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