Let's face it, honey is like wine: you have to taste it!

We take our time admiring its light or dark color and creamy or liquid texture, then open the jar to smell its sweet, intense or moderate fragrance, before tasting it and trying to detect each of the aromas it contains: fresh, smooth, fruity or woody...

Tasting honey is a multi-step process. The sensations are never the same, as each honey is unique.
In fact, there are many ways to enjoy honey: by the spoonful, in a drink, on toast or cheese, in a recipe...

Here are our tips for a successful taste experience.

Let's start with the most universal way: with a spoon.
There's nothing like tasting pure honey with a spoon and no artificial additives to bring out all its aromas and flavors.
Whether it's in the morning to boost your energy, after a meal to end on a gourmet note, or simply whenever you feel like it for a sweet break, a spoonful of honey always delights the most gourmand of palates.
Whether you're a fan of sweet or intense honey, creamy or liquid, fruity or woody, Maison Hédène offers a wide selection of single-flower honeys with unique colors, flavors and textures.

For tea-time enthusiasts, we recommend enjoying honey in a hot drink.
An excellent substitute for sugar, honey brings sweetness and indulgence to your drink.
For example, Hédène linden honey from Picardy has fresh, minty notes, or Hédène mulberry honey from Limousin has warm, delicate blackberry notes.

To accentuate the gourmet side of honey, our third tasting moment involves breakfast.
Spread some liquid honey on toast - don't skimp on quantity - and enjoy a flavorful breakfast to start the day.
We recommend Hédène fir honey from the Jura region, accompanied by fresh orange juice, a hot drink and yoghurt, to fill up on energy.
For lovers of creamy honey, replace the Jura fir honey with Hédène Languedoc rosemary honey, just as tasty and delicious.

Finally, for fans of sweet and savory blends and atypical combinations, here are our tips for getting the best out of honey.

Let's start with the essential honey-cheese combinations: for an intense, full-flavored combination, we recommend Lozère chestnut honey with Roquefort. For something sweeter and more delicate, opt for acacia honey from Jura and Brocciù.
And for those who prefer simplicity, opt for simpler but equally delicious recipes, such as a goat-honey pizza or a goat-honey puff pastry with Aquitaine oak honey, for example.
Whatever your tastes, Maison Hédène offers a number of exclusive honey-cheese combinations, created in collaboration with La Maison du Lait and the Fédération des Fromagers de France, so you can enjoy honey on any occasion!

And finally, for lovers of fine, delicate cuisine, don't worry! Whether in a sweet or savory recipe, there's always a honey to make your dishes irresistible. For example, acacia honey with Périgord black truffle, excellent with foie gras, or Rémy Martin acacia honey and cognac to spice up your duck breast. And for dessert fans, why not try our acacia honey and Cognac, delicious in pancakes, crepes or waffles?

There are so many ways to enjoy honey... For even more ideas, check out the Hédène honey recipes created by Chef Serge Vieira, Bocuse d'Or winner and patron of the company. Gourmet delights guaranteed!