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Exception Bundle

Paris Honey 250g, Acacia Honey & Black Truffles 40g, Acacia Honey & Rose 125g

34,03 €

The Exception Bundle is made up of three refined products, representing the quality of the Maison Hédène: the prestigious Paris Honey, as well as two preparations uniting to the iconic Acacia Honey Black Truffles or Rose.

France Liquid
Delicate Gentle
34,03 €


Iconic nectar, the Paris Honey has won renown for its crystal-clear dress, its unctuosity, and its fresh taste. This nectar stands out due to the variety of flowers from which bees forage, thus creating an urban honey offering a myriad of flavors.

Hédène's Acacia Honey & Black Truffle preparation mixes the incredible sweetness of acacia honey and the powerful aromas of black truffle. With its noble ingredients, this preparation is a genuine symbol of French soils’ know-how and a true gift for epicures.

The Acacia Honey & Rose preparation combines the sweetness of acacia honey from France with the flowery aromas of rose, for an unprecedented taste experience. The harmony of these two noble ingredients reveals floral accents and an enchanting fragrance, wrapped into a silky and pink robe.


The Exception Bundle enables you to benefit from a 10% promotion on its products.

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