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Pure French honey gingerbread

Fluffy and Spicy

8,44 €

Take a trip down memory lane with our perfectly soft gingerbread, sweetened with our pure Hédène French honey.

France Fluffy
Spicy Intense
8,44 €


Rediscover the traditional strong and woody spices hand in hand with subtle flower honey through this unique treat. Making up half of the bread, the precious nectar from Hédène is characterized by its creaminess as well as its sweet and fruity flavor. The selected flower honey enriches the gingerbread with subtle caramelized notes. Generous, Hédène’s gingerbread will surely bring comfort to the most nostalgic of gourmets – but also initiate the little ones to the sugary pleasure of this iconic pastry. Ethereal, it melts in the mouth to leave the mischievous and cunning flavor of childhood behind.


Come together for a tasteful break around our pure honey gingerbread. Versatile, it can be enjoyed as is – but also enhanced with foie gras, goat’s cheese, or Roquefort.

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