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A prestigious and unprecedented collaboration

12,23 €

At Hédène and Baïja, we find the same enthusiasm and demand regarding excellence.
Therefore, the two French brands naturally decided to gather for the best!

Picardie Creamy
Green Intense
12,23 €


Moved by the same passion for elevating honey to a real art of living, Hédène and Baïja launched an exceptional and limited edition: a jar of Hédène linden honey from Picardie customized with delicacy, refinement and taste by Baïja.
At the crossroad of these two universes, Hédène and Baïja wish to highlight the diverse pleasures of honey, both in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Therefore, Hédène linden honey from Picardie, essential by its refinement, smoothness and delicate and fresh overtones, mixes perfectly with a hot beverage; it is ideal to savor during a winter cocooning moment in bed.

Also used as a cosmetic for the body, honey, thanks to its rich and enveloping texture and thanks to its delicate overtones, is a real pleasure in both the mouth and a body lotion from the Baïja collection Festin Royal with its refine design.

In conclusion, whether you like it better in mouth or in a lotion, honey and its benefits are not done surprising you.

For each order on our website, a tube of 75ml of the body lotion Festin Royal Baïja will be gifted to you and in reverse, for each order including a reference from the collection Festin Royal done Baïja website, you will be gifted a jar of 40g of Hédène linden honey from Picardie.

Price/100g: 5.16€

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