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You are a delicatessen, a cheese store, a tearoom, a hotel or another kind of gourmet place and you would like to distribute Hédène French honeys? You are planning to open a gourmet point-of-sale and you would like to list Hédène refined products?

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Referent company for French honeys,
distributed in French gourmet places and internationally

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The BHV Marais - Paris The Great Food Hall - Hong Kong The District - New York City

French honeys at master cheese shops

Numerous master cheese shops now offer Hédène refined honeys because they share the same traceability, taste, know-how, excellence and regional process. Moreover, this collaboration with cheese makers gave birth to the most wonderful honey and cheese associations. Here you have a non-exhaustive indication of some famous cheese shops which believe in Hédène :

  • La Fromagerie d'Auteuil
    Michel Fouchereau - Paris
  • La Fromagerie Quatrehomme
  • La Fromagerie Pierre Gay

To distribute Hédène honey in your point of sale, contact us.