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Acacia honey with Cointreau

Subtle citrus notes

9,38 €

Result of a meeting between two exceptional houses, Hédène's honey with Cointreau is a preparation with a unique taste. The subtle aromas of Cointreau will take you to an incredible journey into French excellence. 

France Liquid
Fruity Moderate
9,38 €


Subtle and natural harmony of orange peel, Cointreau is a spirit with aromatic notes. Associated with the floral notes of Hédène acacia honey, it is fruity and very fragrant.

Composed of 2.5% Cointreau, this recipe offers a taste experience rich in discoveries. Sublimated by a slice of candied clementine, the citrus notes wonderfully mix with acacia honey’s finesse.

Very fragrant, it will delight flavored honey lovers looking for a rare and gourmet product.

Acacia honey & Cointreau delicately spices up French toasts, waffles or pancakes. It can be incorporated directly into the dough or simply spread after baking. Its liquid texture also makes it perfect to revisit classic cocktails such as Honeymoon or Gin Tonic.

Based on traditional French know-how, this preparation will accompany your favorite dishes with freshness and delicacy.

Ingredients: French acacia honey 91.9%, candied iced clementine slice 4.6%, Cointreau® 2.5%, natural flavor.
Nutritional values 100g:
Energy: 1272kj/304kcal; Fat: 0g of which saturated fatty acids: 0g; Carbohydrates: 82,4g of which sugars: 82,12g; Proteins: 0,3g; Salt: 0,01g.

Price/100g: 24.75€

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