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Coriander honey from Berry

Fruity and caramelized

13,18 €

With sweet caramel overtones and a fruity flavor, Hédène coriander honey delicately melts in the mouth. It is a golden honey, sweet and unctuous, which reminds childhood hapiness.

Berry Creamy
Caramelized Moderate
13,18 €


Harvested in France, north of Bourges, coriander honey is a rare honey. Contrary to the flower that characterizes it, this honey is golden, sweet and smooth. It has a fresh perfume and a slightly fruity taste. Its soft and melting notes of caramel will transport you through an unforgettable symphony for the senses. Also, it is a surprising honey because it melts delicately in the mouth. Hédène coriander honey from France brings a discreet aromatic touch to your favorite dishes. It is a rare and subtle honey which will make you live a unique gustatory experience.

Blossoming period starts in May. Harvest happens from late June to early July. 


The coriander honey from Berry gives a whole new meaning to the tasting. It brings a new dimension to the association between cheese and Hédène honeys, and sublimates your herbal teas and infusions. It is perfect for a detox moment in lemon water. It can also be eaten raw with a spoon to take advantage of its unique taste and its exceptional sweetness.

Price/100g: 5.56€

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