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Mountain honey from Auvergne

Perfumed and woody

7,11 €

Mountain honey from France, harvested in Auvergne, is characterised by a complexe woody and perfumed flavour. Subtle hints of caramel will be felt in the aftertaste.

Auvergne Liquid
Woody Moderate
7,11 €


Harvested during the summer, the mountain honey from France is characterised by greedy notes of caramel. It reveals undergrowth notes that linger in the month for a long time. The most attentive will distinguish a woody hint at the end of tasting. 

The benefits of this brown-coloured honey are mutliplied tenfold by the botanical richness of the high mountains of Auvergne. The pollen diversify of its environment gives it many virtues such as a high content of trace elements.

Mountain honey from France is perfect to garnish toast or brioche for breakfast. Its liquid texture makes it ideal for naturally sweetening your yoghurts or hot drinks. 

Price/100g : 4,41€

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