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French honey jams box

Gracious and refined

23,60 €

Gracious and refined, the Hédène x La Chambre aux Confitures box is composed of 4 honey jams with a 100% French composition, each one more delicious than the other:
French Raspberry & Blackberry honey jam 
French Pear & Linden honey jam 
French Apricot & Chestnut honey jam 
French Vine Peach & Acacia honey jam 

France Jam
Fruity Moderate
23,60 €


Two symbols of French crafts, Hédène and La Chambre aux Confitures, invite you to discover 4 flavours where honey and fruit become one with their honey jams box. This gift box, of an absolutre delicacy, is the perfect occasion to please without moderation!

The Hédène x La Chambre aux Confitures honey jam box is composed of 4 French honey jams with unique tastes allowing you to vary the pleasures and adapt to your desires.

You will discover the delicacy of the vine peach jam with acacia honey which mixes the fruity and fragrant accents of the vine peach with the extreme sweetness of acacia honey. Then will come the surprising freshness of the pear jam with linden honey, which can be enjoyed on buttered toast or a warm brioche. But perhaps you will prefer the strong character of apricot jam with chestnut honey. This jam, with its fruity flavour and woody notes, can be enjoyed for breakfast or for a snack. Finally, the raspberry jam with mulberry honey, with its fruity and tart flavours, will allow you to fill up with vitamins as soon as you wake up.

Let yourself be carried away by the gourmet and incomparable flavours of our 4 French honey jams thanks to this box full of surprises. On bread, biroche or pancakes, you won't be able to do without it!

Raspberry with blackberry honey: Vine peaches from France 51%, sugar, acacia honey from France 15%, lemon, pectin.
Pear jam with linden honey: Raspberries from France 58%, sugar, blackberry honey from France 14%, pectin.
Apricot with chestnut honey: Apricots from France 57%, sugar, chestnut honey from France 8%, pectin.
Vine peach jam with acacia honey: Pears from France 58%, sugar, linden honey from France 13%, lemon, pectin.

Nutritional values per 100g:
Raspberry with blackberry: Energy: 1009kj/238kcal; Fat: <0,5g of which saturated fatty acids <0,1g; Carbohydrates: 56g of which sugars 55g; Protein: 0,9g; Salt: 0,02g.
Pear jam with linden honey: Energy: 894kj/211kcal; Fat: <0,5g of which saturated fatty acids <0,1g; Carbohydrates: 51g of which sugars 50g; Proteins: <0,5g; Salt: 0,04g.
Apricot with chestnut honey: Energy: 926kj/218kcal; Fat: <0,5g of which saturated fatty acids <0,1g; Carbohydrates: 53g of which sugars 52g; Protein: 0,6g; Salt: 0,01g.
Vine peach jam with acacia honey: Energy: 941kj/222kcal; Fat: <0,5g of which saturated fatty acids <0,1g; Carbohydrates: 54g of which sugars 54g; Proteins: 0,5g; Salt: 0,01g.

Price/100g : 4,50€

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