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Coriander honey from Berry

Fruity with sweet caramel notes

13,18 €

With sweet caramel overtones and a fruity flavor, Hédène coriander honey delicately melts in the mouth. It is a golden honey, sweet and unctuous, which reminds childhood happiness.

Berry Creamy
Caramelized Moderate
13,18 €


Unlike a liquid honey, Hédène coriander honey softly melts in the mouth. This pure honey distinguishes itself with sweet caramel notes and a fruity flavor. Like any other honey, it might crystallize. Crystallization is a sign of quality, as it is a honey natural evolution which can happen sooner or later.

Harvested in the plains of Cher, at the North of Bourges, Hédène coriander honey is rare. Unlike the flower, it is a golden honey, sweet and unctuous. It has a fruity flavor, lightly spicy and fine. Its sweet and melting caramel notes will take you to an unforgettable journey through the senses. Moreover, it is a surprising honey because it softly melts in the mouth. Hédène coriander honey brings a discreet aromatic touch to your favorite dishes. It is a rare and refined honey which will take you to an amazing taste experience.

Coriander flowering period starts in May. Harvest happens from late June to early September.

Coriander honey facilitates the assimilation and digestion of other aliments. 

Hédène coriander honey is ideal for a nice moment as it is a natural ingredient that might replace sugar. It gives a unique flavor to white cheeses and herbal teas. With a hot drink or in a glass of lemon water, it is perfect for any refreshing breaks. This refined honey may be tasted raw with a spoon or to sweeten desserts.

Price/100g: 5.56€

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