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Alder buckthorn honey from Landes

Warm with subtle quince overtones

13,18 €

Hédène alder buckthorn honey is a unique and very rare honey. With a wonderful cognac color, a liquid texture, a refined quince taste and fruity notes, alder buckthorn honey is a true delight.

Landes Liquid
Fruity Moderate
13,18 €


Unlike rosemary honey or bramble honey which are creamy and light-colored, alder buckthorn honey is liquid, with an aromatic flavor and a nice cognac color. It is a rare monofloral honey, exceptional and surprising; nothing like a polyfloral honey as scrubland, for example.

Harvested in the Landes forest, alder buckthorn honey has a refined and aromatic flavor. Its liquid and mellow texture makes its subtle aromas exceptional. Fruity notes and warm quince overtones blossom in a splendid quince color. Its scent exhales fine fragrances. Its taste is sweet with long-lasting green aromas.

Moreover, alder buckthorn flowers blossom from April to July, sometimes until September. This refined honey is harvested in July.

Hédène Alder buckthorn honey is ideal for your cocooning moments at home. To enjoy a quiet moment and relax, put a spoonful of alder buckthorn honey in a hot drink like tea or a glass of milk.

Price/100g: 5.16€

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