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French honey & Yuzu

Creamy with tangy notes

9,38 €

The Hédène flower honey and yuzu preparation combines the florality of honey with the tangy notes of yuzu, offering a unique taste experience.

France Creamy
Fruity Moderate
9,38 €


French flower honey and Yuzu Hédène is a unique preparation! Yuzu, belonging to the citrus family, is a concentrate of flavors with a very particular taste, between lime, a touch of grapefruit, an ounce of mandarin and a hint of lemon. This attractive taste blend is highly appreciated by citrus lovers.

Combined with flower honey, this creamy preparation offers a fresh and fruity fragrance. Flower honey with its soft, round and flowery notes blends perfectly with the citrus side of yuzu. The harmony of these two ingredients gives a nice length in the mouth, accompanied by a pleasant freshness.


Like a Lemon curd, this recipe full of freshness is ideal to accompany toasted bread or delicious pancakes. Incorporated into a tea, it naturally sweetens it while adding a touch of acidity. For the greediest, it will perfectly accompany you throughout the day.

Ingredients: All-flower honey France 97%, powdered Yuzu bark 3%.

Energy: 1404Kj/330Kcal; Fat: 0g of which saturated fatty acids 0g; Carbohydrates: 82g of which sugars: 80g; Protein: 0.6g; Salt: 0.01g.

Price/100g: €7.92

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