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Small Harvest Bundle

Carrot from Gâtinais, Coriander from Berry, Hawthorn from Rhône-Alpes, Buckwheat from Loiret, Rhododendron from Pyrénées

56,78 €

A true ode to the most sought-after nectars of France, the Small Harvests Bundle enables you to discover the rarest and most refined kinds of honey, all typical of the Hédène French quality and excellence.

France Liquide & Crémeux
Délicat à Boisé Doux à Intense
56,78 €


Rare and unusual, Hédène French carrot honey surprises by the richness of its flavors, mixing fruity and sourness. Very pleasant in the mouth, this monofloral honey has a magnificent color of biscuit.

With sweet caramel overtones and a fruity flavor, Hédène coriander honey delicately melts in the mouth. It is a golden honey, sweet and unctuous, which reminds childhood happiness. It is a rare and subtle honey that will make you live a unique gustatory experience.

Hédène's hawthorn honey is a rare type of honey, obtained from the white flowers of hawthorn, a shrub known for its difficult crop. This honey boasts very fruity and perfumed aromas and is recognizable thanks to both its color (either pale or amber) and its very creamy texture.

Hédène French buckwheat honey is a monofloral honey with a particularly smooth texture. It has a brown color and café gourmand overtones without any bitterness for total gustatory pleasure.

The Hédène rhododendron honey from France is a rare honey with multiple properties that reveals sweet fruity and floral aromas in the mouth. Slightly lemony notes will appear at the end of the tasting and will leave you in ecstasy.

The Small Harvest Bundle enables you to benefit from a 10% promotion on its products.

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