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Tasty Break Bundle

Gingerbread 250g, Lavender honey from Lubéron 250g, Honey & Hazelnut Spread 100g, Honey & Chocolate Spread 100g

28,34 €

Treat yourself to a well-deserved break with the Tasty Break Bundle, putting the spotlight on Hédène’s Lavender honey from Lubéron, Honey & Hazelnut Spread, Honey & Chocolate Spread, and Gingerbread. A combination full of flavors to eat together or separately, the Tasty Break Bundle gives your breaks a taste at times floral, nutty, or spicy.

France Liquid
Delicate Gentle
28,34 €


Lavender honey from Lubéron, with its fine and creamy texture, stands out thanks to its floral undertones and its incredible sweetness. Its typical taste has a light acidity. Its woody, green and floral aromas have a lingering taste.

The Honey & Hazelnut Spread is a generous and tasty spread that combines the sweetness of honey and the smoothness of hazelnuts purée. Minimalist preparation in collaboration with Petit Cube, the spread is suitable for those who would like a healthier alternative on their breakfast table.

The Honey & Chocolate Spread is an innovative, tasty, and natural spread. A collaboration between Hédène and Le Chocolat des Français made of three ingredients only, the spread is a delicious recipe combining the delicacy of acacia honey, the boldness of dark chocolate, and the sweetness of hazelnuts.

Rediscover the traditional strong and woody spices hand in hand with subtle flower honey through Hédène’s unique pure French honey Gingerbread. Ethereal, it melts in the mouth to leave the mischievous and cunning flavor of childhood behind.

The Breakfast Bundle enables you to benefit from a 10% promotion on its products.

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