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Breakfast Bundle

Almond & Chestnut Honey Granola 350g, Acacia of Bourgogne 250g, Raspberry Jam with Blackberry Honey 200g

27,49 €

The breakfast bundle gathers all the breakfast table must-haves together. Whether it is acacia honey from Bourgogne, subtle and delicate, organic almond and chestnut honey granola, intense and crunchy, or raspberry jam with honey, fruity and sour, there is a perfect fit for every taste.

France Liquide
Delicate Gentle
27,49 €


Acacia honey is the most consumer nectar in France. Its great aromatic delicacy, its exceptional sweetness, and its subtle floral perfume make him one of the most appreciated kinds of honey. Devoid of bitterness or sourness, it is balanced and harmonious.

The organic almond & chestnut honey granola brings vitality and delight to the breakfast of children and adults alike. The delicate blend of roasted seeds and cereals is naturally sweetened by Hédène’s chestnut honey from France, bringing along flavor and character for a more fragrant and delicious granola, crunchy as can be.

The raspberry jam with blackberry honey, combines the fruity and tangy flavors of raspberries with the delicacy of blackberry honey, for a sparkling and 100% French recipe.

The Breakfast Bundle enables you to benefit from a 10% promotion on its products.

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