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Almond and chestnut honey granola


4,64 €

Get back to basic and the good taste of simple things with our organic almond and whole grains granola, sweetened with chestnut honey from France.

France Crunchy
Caramelized Intense
4,64 €


The SuperNature Catherine Kluger x Hédène organic granola brings vitality and delight to the breakfast of children and adults alike. Hell-bent on developing simple recipes, without refined sugar or additives, Hédène has teamed up with the French granola specialist, SuperNature – thus offering you a delicious, healthy, and very crunchy creation. The delicate blend of roasted seeds and cereals is naturally sweetened by Hédène’s chestnut honey from France, bringing along flavor and character for a more fragrant and delicious granola, crunchy as can be. Naturally filled with fiber and protein, this granola is selected for its tastiness and traceability.


Fill up with energy and put some good mood on your plate by choosing this organic almond and Hédène honey granola. To be enjoyed on its own or with Greek yogurt, but can also be served with homemade compote or fresh fruit for extra freshness. A perfect way to kick off the day!


Ingredients: oat flakes*, French chestnut honey* 16%, rapeseed oil*, crushed almonds*, sunflower seeds* 8%, buckwheat seeds* 6%, flax seeds* 5%, sea salt, cinnamon powder*.

* Organically grown ingredients.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Nutritional values for 100g: Energy: 2196kj; Fat: 30.9g of which saturated 3.46g; Carbohydrates: 45.8g of which sugars 9g; Fiber: 9.1g; Protein: 11.8g; Salt: 0.35g.

PRICE : 8,95€ TTC - WEIGHT : 350G

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