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Honey and Hazelnuts spread

Hédène x Le Petit Cube

6,54 €

The Mélinoisette, or how honey and hazelnuts come together harmoniously to form a generous and tasty spread in a small jar with summer colors.

Woody Moderate
6,54 €


The Mélinoisette is a spread that combines the sweetness of honey and the smoothness of hazelnuts puree. Concerned to promote French know-how, Hédène has partnered with Petit Cube in order to offer you, through a unique collaboration, this essential delight for your snacks which is a real treat for the taste buds of children and adults. A very minimalist preparation because only two ingredients compose this spread, not one more! This is exactly what you need to enjoy a delicious moment. This creation with a good taste of hazelnuts is naturally sweetened by the Chestnut honey of France Hédène which comes to bring character and strength, creating a balance of flavours. Thus, it is totally suitable for those who would like a healthier alternative on their breakfast table.


This Mélinoisette can be eaten raw with a spoon or on a slice of bread, but it can also be used as a topping for porridge or to perfect a still warm pancake. Thus, you can enjoy this 100% French spread for breakfast or as a snack. Let yourself be tempted by this healthy treat to be consumed without moderation.

Ingredients: french chestnut honey 80%, hazelnuts puree 20%.

Nutritional values per 100g: Energy 1656kJ; Fat 12g of which saturates 0,8g; carbohydrates 67,1g of which sugars 66,6g; Protein 3,4g; Salt 0g.

PRICE/100G: 9,90€

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