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Hautes-Alpes pine honey

Amber and woody

13,18 €

Hédène Hautes-Alpes pine honey is a rare honey, with a liquid and amber texture. It has a slight aroma of pine nuts and resin revealing a deliciously woody taste.

Hautes Alpes Liquid
Woody Intense
13,18 €


With its delicately woody fragrance, Pin Hédène honey takes us on a journey to the heart of the woods. Harvested in France, in the verdant forest of Aspremont, in the Hautes-Alpes, pine honey is a rare and precious honeydew because of its difficulty in harvesting it by bees. Honeydew is a natural resource secreted by aphids which will then be collected by bees and transformed into honey.

Hédène pine honey has a sweet and fresh flavor, with notes of undergrowth and forest. It also reveals a light flavor of resin and pine sap. Pine honey is considered a unique honey for gourmets.


Pine honey from the Hautes-Alpes Hédène offers a multitude of tasting uses. It goes well with both savory and sweet dishes. On the gourmet side, in addition to sublimating your sandwiches, it perfectly complements a yogurt and will give a unique aromatic note to your pastries! In a gingerbread, canelés or even a lemon cake! For your savory recipes, it is perfect for softening meats such as duck or caramelized pork.

Price/100g: €5.56